Bail Attorney Services

In more serious cases the prosecutor has to be contacted and a night court has to be setup for the accused.

A night court is a process whereby the prosecutor and attorney meet at the police station with the accused to do an after-hour bail application.

Bail applications 24 hours
Drug Related Offences
Extradition orders.
Serious economic crimes.
International Criminal Law.
Maritime Offences
Forgery and uttering
Public violence
Drunken driving
Offences to public decency
Assisting Complainants with Criminal Prosecution
Assisting Companies and Corporate entities with-
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Legal opinions
Opposing Asset Forfeiture Applications.
Crimes against sexual morality Rape
Contempt of court
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Maritime Offences.
Disciplinary Hearings.
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Family Law

A Night Court Has To Be Set Up If The Accused Is Charged With

    • Public violence.
    • Possession of drugs.
    • Culpable homicide.
    • Bestiality
    • Assault, involving the infliction of grievous bodily harm
    • Arson
    • Housebreaking, with intent to commit an offence.
    • Malicious injury to property.
    • Robbery without a weapon, if the items involved in the offence is less than R20 000
    • Theft, if the amount involved in the offence does not exceed R20 000
    • Illegal possession of dependence-producing drugs.
    • Any offence relating to extortion, fraud, forgery or uttering if the amount of value involved in the offence does not exceed R20 000

In more serious cases only a court can grant the accused bail. The prosecutor will not have the authority to set the accused bail after hours.

Only A Court, After Hearing A Bail Application During Normal Court Hours, Can Fix Bail For The Following Crimes

    • Murder
    • Rape
    • Any sexual offence against a child or a person who is mentally disabled
    • Trafficking in persons for sexual purposes
    • Armed Robbery
    • Breaking or entering any premises
    • Theft, receiving stolen property knowing it to have been stolen, fraud, forgery if the amount or value involved in the offence exceeds R20 000
    • Illegal dealing in or possession of precious metals or stones
    • Kidnapping
    • Child stealing
    • Intimidation