Bail Procedure

  1. The accused is arrested and taken to the police station.
  2. The accused is then formally charged and processed. The accused fingerprints are taken and a criminal profile is requested to see if the accused has any previous convictions, pending cases or any outstanding warrants of arrests against his name.
  3. After the accused’s profile is taken, we make contact with the investigating officer and consult with the prosecutor. The prosecutor will then determine from the investigating officer whether s/he believes that bail should be granted or refused for the accused.
  4. The Prosecutor will meet the defence attorney and the investigating officer at the police station and set up a night court. A Night court is ‘n application which is made by the attorneys whereby the prosecutor and attorney sets up a after hour bail application at the police station where the accused is kept.
  5. If the accused qualifies for bail, bail will then be set.
  6. The accused is released after the bail money has been paid.
  7. The accused will be warned to come to court on a specified date and bail conditions may be set by the prosecutor.

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